I do not create, I merely recycle

So. I’m going to try and write a blog. For a number of reasons:

1) Pesky Flickr wants money from me before letting me post any more pictures of my makes

2) One thing that Flickr is lacking is an opportunity for me to see what you out there in the internet are thinking – I enjoy the discussion!

3) I have a really bad track record with diaries and would like to write in a medium that encouraged me to write regularly, as I think it’s good for reflection, and for development of ideas.

The title is hackneyed from a quote I once heard, which I now can’t find the exact wording or the originator for. It said something along the lines of  ‘We cannot create, we can only recycle’. I guess some would see this as a pessimistic view of modern life, or some profound state-of-the-union address about the world’s natural resources. For me, I reckon we are only where we are in life for the grace of the struggles and victories of those before us. We can only be inspired by what has come before, and strive for a new perspective or purpose to their work. And I like making things!

If you have landed on this page, I would expect that you’ll find craft tutorials or recent makes, successful (or dramatically unsuccessful) recipes that I’ve tried, or general musings on the world as I see it. However, it’s early days…it could end up being nothing more than a running commentary on my unfinished apartment and my steady descent into becoming one of those old women with 14 cats, that lives for X Factor on a Saturday night. Oh God, I’m not even sure I want to continue if that’s one of the possible outcomes!

If you like the stuff I’ve made, please also check out my Flickr page, it ends where this blog begins – although I will be referring back to it at certain points, I’m sure. Let me know what you think

By carlymau

Hello! Well, I’m sure someone once said that we are what we repeatedly do, so… I guess I like making stuff, cooking, swimming, sleuthing and watching old black and white movies. I live near a lake. I like feeding the ducks. I work for a trade union and generally like anything that involves rooting for the underdog. Currently I am living in Doncaster and learning one new craft at a time.

Please seek me out –

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