Functional Fabrications

17 Oct

If you’ve seen my Flickr page you will have noticed that if I discover that something is easy to make, I’m likely to make it again. Another thing you might have noticed is that I like to make things that can be used – ornaments are not really my bag. The last thing you might have noticed is (much like lots of other crafters out there) most of the stuff I make is given away as gifts.

I really like making gifts for people – I like the fact that I will be giving them an entirely unique gift. Also, in this era of BOGOFs and credit cards and online discounts, the cost of a decent enough present for a close friend isn’t really a problem most of the time. However, we all work long hours and live further and further away from each other, the real sticking point is that we don’t get to spend enough time with each other. At least by making a special gift, if you can’t spend time with someone, you can spend time on someone. Now that can be pretty priceless, if you ask me.

Plus, once I’ve set my mind on making that gift, I find myself thinking about that person with every outline traced, thread cut, bow tied. So by the end of the project I tend to feel that I have literally stitched love and affection into the item, which I hope is appreciated by the recipient. Actually, even if it’s not, that’s not so important – I know that affection is there!



Anyway, enough of a digression. My best friend got married recently to a fab guy – They are pretty much the best-suited couple I have ever met. Obviously I wanted to make them a wedding present, but where to start? Well, as they were in the process of renovating their first home, it had to be something useful for starting their lives together. It might seem a bit basic, but I decided on oven gloves.


I was really pleased with the outcome! Char and Austin are fans of the sixties and are both musicians (they met (the second time!) on the band circuit in our hometown). I opted for a classic quote, “If music be the food of love, play on”, as I thought that was apt, and added the wedding date and “Mr & Mrs Ray” to the gloves. I had enough fabric left over for tea towels too!


It was a wonderful wedding and so many people made gifts, or gave their time and effort to making sure Char and Austin’s wedding day was as close to perfect as possible. I hope the happy couple will get lots of use out of the gift over the years. I also hope that all those little bits of love and affection in all the gifts they received help them along their way!

3 Responses to “Functional Fabrications”


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