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My wonderful mother sent me a soup recipe to try. It was delish, so I decided to share it with you!
Personally, I’ve been looking for a good tomato soup recipe for ages, as most of the ones I have seen need a few kilos of ripe tomatoes, which can be pretty expensive. This one uses chopped tomatoes, and can be made in really small batches, which is ideal when you live on your own.
Elaine’s Odiham Kitchen Tomato Soup 
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
1 Carrot, 1 Onion and 1 Stick of celery, all chopped
1 Clove of garlic
Butter (olive oil can also be used)
Boiling water
Teaspoon of sugar
Basil leaves
Optional:  Cream/milk/fromage frais/mascarpone  for consistency and taste after blending
Step 1: Melt a knob of butter into pan to melt on low heat, and then add the carrot, onion garlic and celery to the pan. Let the veggies gently sweat for 20 minutes to release the natural sugars.
Step 2: After 20 mins, all you have to do is add the chopped tomatoes including the juice, the sugar, and enough boiling water to just cover the vegetables and stir.
Step 3: Simmer until the carrots feel soft when pierced with a fork (mine were almost at this stage already)
Step 4: Liquidise and check for seasoning, add a handful of basil leaves and optional cream/milk/fromage frais or mascarpone (a spoonful should be enough, the more you add the richer it will taste)
Et voila! luxurious, comforting tomato and basil soup at your service! Mum also told me that this particular soup improves greatly if left for 24 hours in the fridge before eating – I made it the night before my friend was expected to visit, which took all of the hassle out of cooking for guests. The review was a big ‘thumbs up’ and second helpings!

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