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Bedroom Update #2, Part 2

So, I promised this by the end of May, and now it’s August. What can I say, I’ve been a busy girl!

Anyway, you may remember me posting about a sideboard which I picked up from the local YMCA for twenty quid, with a view to updating it for my bedroom. The room is predominantly red, so I decided that the outside of the unit should match. However, I wanted the interior to be a a little more exciting…

I have been dutifully collecting the pages of my week-to-view Gil Elvgren Pin-Ups calendar all year, so finally I have enough to complete the interior decoupaging of the drawers and shelves. Decoupage is really, really easy – all you have to do is sand and clean your surface down, and once you have planned your pattern with your chosen papers, you simply paste them to the item with PVA glue. Once the glue has dried, you can strengthen the surface with 3-4 coats of clear varnish…and voila! Your item is updated and FABULOUS!


One thing to watch out for is puckering on the images. As the paper absorbs the glue, it expands, which leaves creases across the surface. The only way I have found to prevent the creases, is to roll the paper on carefully, making sure that it has time to expand before being fixed down entirely. I normally start on one corner and use a paintbrush to ease the rest of the image into place.


One of my hopes for this project, is that I will keep my drawers and cupboards tidy if they are so beautiful. So far, it’s working! I have just a few images left, so I might cover the various jewellery and toiletry boxes inside too. I’m so happy with how it turned out – a perfect piece of furniture for a boudoir – Smart and sensible from the outside, and a little bit naughty on the inside. A bit like me!


By carlymau

Hello! Well, I’m sure someone once said that we are what we repeatedly do, so… I guess I like making stuff, cooking, swimming, sleuthing and watching old black and white movies. I live near a lake. I like feeding the ducks. I work for a trade union and generally like anything that involves rooting for the underdog. Currently I am living in Doncaster and learning one new craft at a time.

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