My Berlin Souvenir Make: An Overnight Essentials Kit

10 Sep

Whenever I visit a new place, I like to bring home a souvenir that I can make into something useful. Sometimes this takes the form of local ingredients for cooking, but on most occasions I find myself helplessly lured into procuring vast quantities of yarns, fabrics, buttons and accessories. Ooh, shiny things!

You may remember that I picked up some gorgeous, floral fabric from a lovely little haberdashery in Berlin. I thought I might put it to good use by making a travel essentials kit, which I can take with me on future adventures!


I like to travel well-prepared – I take a plethora of toiletries, medicines, creams and potions on holiday with me, which, on occasion, take up half the suitcase! However, I often stay in hostels, so it’s useful to have a bag of essentials, such as your toothbrush and paste, shower cap and soap, separate from the rest of your belongings so that you don’t have to carry the whole lot into the bathroom each time. This will also come in handy for visits to music festivals!

Regular readers of my blog will know that I am not a believer in measuring twice and cutting once. In fact, I rarely use any sort of pattern, and prefer not to know what the outcome of the project will be until the end. With that in mind, I collected the toiletries together which I considered ‘essential’, and laid them in the middle of the fabric to judge how long the bag needed to be. For this part of the project, I kept the material double thickness, as I wanted to put a water-resistant layer into the bag so that shampoo suds couldn’t seep into the other contents of my luggage.

I didn’t actually have any oilcloth or other water-resistant material, so I improvised with a decent-quality plastic bag (the kind you get from a boutique). I stitched the double thickness material together, patterned sides together, to form a long tube of fabric. I then slid a layer of the plastic through and stitched all of the layers together, with the fabric seams neatly pressed down the centre of the tube. This gave an interesting stitching detail for the front of the bag. I realise that the material won’t be waterproof, as it is full of needle-holes from the stitching. I just plan for the material to be resistant enough to prevent any unwanted spills.

Turning the fabric the right way up, I stitched the sides together, as close to the edge as possible, whilst creating a fold at the base of the bag to give a gusset. I also added a deep pocket to the front of the bag, and then then attached a thin ribbon of the material to the centre of the back of the bag, so that it can be used to wrap the bag up or hang it in the shower cubicle – versatile! I even had enough material left over to make a small drawstring bag for my handbag essentials too – my lipstick and hand cream will never go missing again!

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