Say it with Embroidery!

10 Mar

There are so many exciting things going on at the moment. Birthdays, weddings, fresh starts in life. Some of my friends had special occasions coming up so I decided to embroider some greetings cards for them.


The trick to embroidering on card is to draw out your picture lightly in pencil, and then before you begin to sew, prick the lines you have drawn evenly with a needle. Obviously, the fewer holes you make, the better really, as you will preserve the strength of the card more. The last thing you want would be for the card to tear between stitches, so that you would have to start over.

The birthday cake is a really simple design and one that I’ve used many times. In fact, it’s a great one for making a few cards in advance, which can just have the message written on as and when you need to send them. Above are a few I made earlier!

As the recipient of the card is going to be able to see the working on the back of the card, it’s worth trying to be as neat as possible. Instead of knotting or weaving the ends of the thread in, I used a little bit of sticky tape so that it was as flat as possible.

Then, all I did was add to the image with coloured pencils. Easy peasy! I’ve only ever embroidered really simple stuff for greetings cards in this style, but I’d be interested to know if any of you out there in blogland have used this method for larger-scale projects – would it be possible to embroider with ribbon onto card, for example, for a piece of wall art?


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