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Alex and Kate get Hitched!

It’s been quite an exciting time in the Mau household – my brother Alex married the lovely Kate this Summer, so there has been much crafting and celebration taking place.

The couple wanted a hand-made, vintage  feel to their wedding. Kate and her bridesmaid, her sister Louisa, made all of the beautiful invitations and table decorations, whilst Mother of the Bride, Pat and Grandmother, Nana Flo assisted with the favours. Even one of Kate’s work colleagues, Kathryn, made the amazing wedding cake They all did a fabulous job!

Alex and Kate’s invitations for the wedding had been made using a variety of yellow fabrics, ribbons and buttons,  so the couple asked me if I would make a ring bearers cushion from the leftover scraps.


I had some white linen conveniently lying around, so I cut out two identical rectangles and got to work. I had an idea to have a wide border on the cushion, so to ensure I left sufficient material around the outsides, I tacked a green line around the fabric where the border started, so that I could space out my embroidery correctly.

DSCN4130DSCN4131I thought that I would use some of the fabric to applique Alex and Kate’s initials onto the cushion, so I made some paper templates to test out the design.  I finally hit on a design that I liked – two simple letters, with some script flowing from top left to bottom right across the front of the cushion.


I began by using the letter templates to cut out some fusible interfacing. I then ironed the interfacing onto my chosen applique fabric, and cut out the shapes, leaving a 5mm border around each letter.


I then carefully ironed the fabric edges onto the back of the shapes, and pinned them into place on the linen. I was then able to neatly applique the letters onto the material.


Once the shapes were attached to the fabric, I then chose a contrasting embroidery silk and decorated the letter edges with blanket stitch. The colour palette for the wedding was lemon and grey, so I chose a lovely, light, silvery thread for this work.


Onto the back piece of fabric for the cushion, I neatly embroidered the wedding date. It was then time to press both pieces of material and attach them together on the sewing machine.


I then removed the green tacking and neatly sealed the two sides together with a lemon embroidery silk, leaving a gap to stuff the pillow and attach the ribbon before completing the border. I also made a small incision on the front of the cushion where the rings would be held. Kate had used a lovely natural twine on the invitations, which I thought would look great here. So, I looped a length of the twine onto a flat button, and slid the button into the centre of the cushion stuffing, before pulling the twine out through the incision on the front. This ensures that the rings are held safely and the fabric isn’t strained.

DSC_0276 (2)

I attached lemon, heart-shaped beads to the ends of the twine, after first checking that the rings would still slip on and off easily!

The final job was to attach twinkly, transparent seed beads across the front and back of the border. I’m not sure if you can see it from the pictures, but I attached half of them with a lemon thread, and half of them with the silver-grey thread, so that the transparent beads take on some of the theme colours.

DSC_0275 (2)

Kate’s nephew Callum was ring bearer, or ‘Official Ring Dude’ on the day, and did a great job of carrying the cushion to the front.


It was an utterly lovely wedding and all that remains to be said is, congratulations Alex and Kate!

DSCN4437 - Copy

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