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Kat’s Wedding Crafternoon

Two of my lovely friends are tying the knot! Regular readers will know my mate Kat, who has featured on this blog before as my glamping buddy and blanket aficionado.


Kat is marrying her top man Owen next year in Wales, and wants as home-made, rustic feel for their special day. The ceremony may be 8 months off, but the crafting starts now!

Last weekend, 5 of Kat’s friends (including myself) assembled to begin creating table decorations. Of course, all this crafting also gave us the perfect opportunity to partake of a few glasses of fizz and lots of delicious edible treats too! Kat had made some quiches, and Hannah brought her wonderful home made honeycomb. You may spot some of my Scandinavian biscuits on the table!

Over the past few months, Kat has amassed a huge collection of glass jars, as well as buttons, hessian, ribbons, and beads, in order to make unique centerpieces for her wedding. Kat was also lucky enough to get hold of a big bag of surplus lace trimmings from a wedding dressmaker, which were perfect for this crafting activity. I can’t speak for my fellow attendees, but I couldn’t wait to get started with this haul of crafting treasure!

The six of us each selected a jar, and began decorating the outside, with the help of some pva glue.


It took us a while to settle on our first design, but soon enough, we had all come up with something we were happy with. It was great fun inventing designs using the materials Kat had collected.

DSC_0097 (2)

As we finished the first jar, we moved onto another, until we had decorated over 30! I’d like to think that equates to us each making 5, but I think SOME people spent more time drinking fizz and less time crafting (I’m looking at you Kathryn!). Hannah was by far our most prolific jar decorator, and managed around 8 – I think I completed 5 or 6 before I completely ran out of inspiration.


It was great experimenting with the materials – using the hessian strip as a background really brought out the detail in the lace trim. We were also able to add to the designs with buttons, faux pearls, or some hearts cut from vintage print. Some of the jars will be filled with wildflowers, to grace the centre of each table, and some will be used as tealight holders on the day. Until next June, Kat and Owen will have plenty of time to get used to the designs, as they now fill most of the shelves in the living room!


Some of the designs were so pretty! I think one of my favourites is the three pearls threaded onto twine, in the picture above, which I think was one of Danielle’s wonderful creations. I also thought that the one that uses mini wooden clothes pegs (in the picture below) was really inventive! Kat will probably need a few more jars, so we are all now collecting our own, for recycling into wedding decor.

Kat and Owen are getting hitched in a country house in North Wales, and their ceremony is taking place beneath a tree in the beautiful grounds. To make the place look even more magical, our Bride-to-Be plans to make some decorations to hang over the branches of the tree. After our success with the jars, we couldn’t wait to get started – Crafters Assemble!


Kat had spotted this wonderful tutorial on Pinterest which captured her imagination. Artist Kathryn Godwin used air clay to make mini cups, which were then threaded together to make a simple, elegant curtain of ‘pods’ that could hang from a tree. In the picture on the tutorial, we estimate that there we would need approximately 600 of the little cups to recreate the look.


Of course, everything is possible when you have a team of super crafters on hand! (the prosecco helped too). Using some Das air clay, we took small balls of clay (around the size of a 10p piece) and worked them into cup shapes, before leaving to dry on trays. We tried to keep the cups quite uniform, although it’s not too problematic if the cups are all slightly different sizes. Once they had been drying for a few hours, we pierced holes in the centres, and left them set. The cups should take approximately 48 hours to completely harden.

Using two full packets of clay and some positive team work, we managed to produce 150 cups in just a few hours. Only  450 to go! We are each going to buy some clay and make some more cups, to give to Kat next time we see her.


What a lovely day of crafting, good food and good company – I can’t wait for  next June!

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